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Exterior Painting Services

Our exterior painting team is experienced, well-trained and reliable. 
We always use the right paint to ensure the best result. This varies from job to job depending on the type of building, the surface, the position of the building, and more.

Most importantly, we ensure the finish:

  • Looks great

  • Is long-lasting

  • Is weather-proof

Don’t Delay – Book an Exterior Painter Today

If the outside of your home hasn’t been painted in a while, it can start to look tired and worn. Our exterior painting services can revitalise your home, bringing a fresh look.

Aesthetics aside, we ensure a weatherproof finish, protecting your home from the elements and preventing damage. This is particularly important in plaster-clad houses.

Competitive Prices for Exterior Painters

We offer excellent service at realistic prices. Our services are available  Queenstown and Central Otago.

Get a free quote for your exterior painting job by calling us

on 027 279 7971 or contact us here.


INTEGRA AAC lightweight concrete façade system combines material durability, extreme façade testing, and professional Registered LBP plasterer installation.

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We offer a whole range of plastering services for your home. Being licensed applicators to a wide number of systems we can offer you the perfect finish for your exterior plastering needs.

With painting it is very important to consider the type of material onto which we are painting and the type of paint being used, to ensure a finish that lasts.

Contact us for a

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